Far Ridgeline Engagements, Inc.

Who We Are

Far Ridgeline employees are a tailored team of professionals. Many employees are veterans of the U.S. Military with extensive and broad experience, capabilities, and skills conducting and supporting sensitive missions across the operational continuum around the world. We also fuse talents with commercial and technical experience into the team. We rely on our experience to identify and bring the right people to the team to ensure success for the client and Far Ridgeline Engagements. Employees are also expertly suited to identify and address client needs to enhance and sustain their ability to remain relevant and competitive.

Far Ridgeline Engagements was founded by seasoned military leaders with the vision to continue the tradition of quiet professionals by providing tailored solutions to government and commercial clients. Success to us is a combination of understanding the current and future requirements of our clients and working closely with our clients to identify solutions through proven planning and execution processes to respond to future unforeseen challenges that will protect their equities and ensure discretion.