Far Ridgeline Engagements, Inc.

Far Ridgeline Engagements is now a subsidiary of QinetiQ US!

Mission-led Innovation. Together.

Far Ridgeline Advantage

Today's information rich environment creates global reach to nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Identifying opportunities and managing risk beyond the current situation is necessary to remain competitive and relevant. Understanding and leveraging today's environment offers opportunities, but this open, information rich environment comes with risks. Understanding these risks require constant evaluation and analysis to ensure your opportunities remain secure. Far Ridgeline Engagements was founded to assist in these efforts. Far Ridgeline Engagements provides a rare perspective in planning, preparing, and operating in the modern, global world.

Far Ridgeline Engagements develops and provides capabilities, processes, programs, and services tailored to each clients unique situations. We stand ready to endure the changes the modern environment offers to support our clients changing needs.

A Look Beyond...

Far Ridgeline Engagements is dedicated to supporting our clients through our success-oriented approach. Many members of the Far Ridgeline team come from military and government backgrounds with experience in elite forces and sensitive operations. Our success-oriented approach is beyond just getting the job done but emphasizes setting a condition for future success by establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage and protecting sensitive equities.