Risk Management

Far Ridgeline Engagements provides a unique approach to tailored and scalable risk management. With a host of experienced special operations, information operations, and law enforcement/counterintelligence veterans, Far Ridgeline Engagements offers a world-class team to address any and all aspects of a risk management program or projects requiring a risk management solution. Our proprietary solutions provide rapid response to a wide range of risk analysis, solutions, and management to support a variety of operational or company decisions.

A few examples of how we can apply our scaled approach is through:

* Risk Assessments are key to support risk and security management, regulatory compliance, employee screening, and emergency/crisis preparedness. Our team has done this in complex global environments for military, government, and corporate clients.

* Threat Replication/Insider Threat Simulations that can assist in testing and evaluation of existing or proposed efforts and programs to protect key assets and infrastructure. You never know how effective some truly is until it is tested and evaluated against the threats and systems it was designed to counter.

* Identity Management which in today's social and interconnected world is key to protecting your identity, reputation, and brand. Failure to actively manage all of the things that make up identity today can create personal, organizational, or business risk to key assets. Far Ridgeline Engagements develops unique Identity Management solutions to protect what's important.